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Dual USB Car Air Purifier Ionizer
best car air purifier with 12 V Plug in Ionic Car Deodorizer filter
12 V Plug in Ionic Car Deodorizer

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Dual USB Car Air Purifier Ionizer with 12 V Plug in Ionic Car Deodorizer

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Dual USB Car Air Purifier Ionizer 

-ELIMINATES  SMELLS of smoke, pet, foods, vomit, sports gear, Pet Dander

-REMOVES ALLERGENS-POLLEN dust PM 2.5, mold spores
-KILLS VIRUSES BACTERIA keeping vehicle air safe for family generates a safe level of Ozone
-POWERFUL 2.1 Amp DUAL USB CAR CHARGER powers phone with tablet lighting fast and safety 

JO-6291 12V Car Air Purifier Ionizer Dual USB Charger Mini Vehicle Auto Ionic Air Cleaner Freshener Oxygen Bar Deodorizer with Blue LED Light

1. Two USB ports, can charge two mobile phones, tablets or other devices at the same time.
2. Stable release of 5,600,000pcs/cm3 negative oxygen ions and trace ozone (≤0.05ppm).
3. Efficiently remove PM particles floating in the air, such as haze, dust, and smoke.
4. Kill harmful mold.
5. Decompose harmful chemical gases such as formaldehyde and benzene.
6. Decompose various unpleasant odours such as musty and leather odours.
7. Increase the number of negative ions in the environment, make people feel refreshed, relieve stress, and refresh the mind.
8. Plug and play, no consumables and maintenance-free.
9. Blue LED indicator ring.
10. Improved electrode design.

Product model: JO-6291
LED colour: blue
Product color :Black, Silver, Gold (Optional)
Product size: 35*35*105mm/1.38*1.38*4.13"
Product weight: 40g
Input voltage: 12V DC
Negative ion concentration: 5,600,000 pcs/cm3
Product material: ABS+Aluminum Alloy Body

Dual USB Car Air Purifier Ionizer   with 12 V Plug-in Ionic Car Deodorizer

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Antonio L. Taylor
I like that this device is small and can remove smells

I like that this device is small and can remove smells as well as purify the air in my car. All of this without any overwhelming scents. Recently I’ve purchased food and typically the aroma stays behind for a day or so but I have not even a faint scent of anything.

Update: my friend had a cigarette in my car and usually there’s an after smell. This AM it’s as though nothing ever happened. I’m very impressed!
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Jackie M. Good
This is amazing! I am a smoker and buy a lot

This is amazing! I am a smoker and buy a lot of air fresheners. I thought I would try this instead and am pleasantly surprised at how quickly the smoke smell is gone in my car! And even now in the winter without having car windows open other than a small crack when I smoke, with this item I smell no smoke at all when I get into my car. It plugs into the cig. lighter outlet, but I unplug it when the car is turned off. I'd recommend this item!

Kathryn B. Jones
Great little device, there is just not knowing how it's working.

I ordered the car purifiers for a road trip we were going on. With many ppl in the car, I wanted to make sure the car was clean as can be. Its small ama had a bright UV light that we had to cover, but other than that, we would have hoped it did its job. I wouldn't be able to tell.

Nicholas S. Cooksey

This is clearly much more highly engineered and planned that the cheap ones you get at a carwash for a few dollars.

Look closely at all the AMAZON text and pictures. It is solidly built. It has a firm "clip" that you push to "open" and then "lock" the jaws on the vent. One of the main issues is that many car vents are recessed, narrow, or have prominent "finger tabs" that make it hard to "clip". This one works ok with both our cars. A new feature is a ball swivel that lets you turn the phone face somewhat to face you. Since it is nearly flush to the dash and vent, it will be a small pivot. The phone clamp holds my phone firmly (iPhone 5SE).

I like using vent phones because (A) the phone is much smarter and more intuitive than my car's built-in GPS, and because (B) the vent position gives easy access to a charging cord without the cord running all over the place like the top of the dash or to a window mount. I'm often listening to podcasts or audiobooks for which it is best to have the phone securely and visibly mounted.

Kevin R. Sims
Looking Good

This is Fantastic!