Facial LED LIGHT Therapy

Best Facial  LED LIGHT Therapy Beauty Musk Device

Grow up your skin !! Now you can enjoy all the benefits of LED light Therapy ⭐️

S&N Professional LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask is one of the most extraordinary and disruptive breakthroughs in skincare.

There are seven different colour LEDs built into the Mask, each colour tending different skin conditions from wrinkles, acne, pigmentation and more.

Safe & Non - invasive  The light is very gentle and does not harm the skin.

S&N LED LIGHT MASK does not use ultraviolet(UV) and is therefore safe for the skin.

100% Natural -The S&N  LED LIGHT MASK stimulates and accelerates your skin's natural healing capabilities.

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✅7colors  skin Benefit

✨Red, 650 nm

Promotes collagen, helps sagging skin, wrinkles & fine lines. Helps skin elasticity.

✨Blue, 415 nm

For Acne, blackheads & scarring. Sterilizes bacteria.

✨Green, 525 nm
For reduces, hyperpigmentation, balances oily skin, lymphatic drainage

✨Yellow, 590 nm
Reduces pigmentation, redness & wrinkles 

✨Cyan, 500 nm
Reduces dark spots, balances skin texture, relieves stress

✨Purple, 425 nm
Reduces Inflammation, scarring, fine lines & wrinkles

✨White 470 nm

Relaxing, Restoring younger and healthier skin!!

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